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1105 BugNewNormalSmuxi's Redmine emails are still pointing to old URL/domain06/05/2017 05:51 AM0
1104 BugClosedNormalbitcoin pattern false positiveMirco Bauer06/20/2017 05:10 PM0
1103 FeatureClosedNormalShould default to show emojis if IRC server is a slack gatewayMirco Bauer06/04/2017 09:33 AM0
1102 BugClosedNormalNullReferenceException with smuxi 1.1+master.bzr584Mirco Bauer06/20/2017 05:13 PM0
1097 BugNewNormalTwitter: right click on a nickname on the left panel (after doing /timeline nickname) should list "Follow" commandAndrés G. Aragoneses10/31/2016 09:12 AM0
1096 FeatureNewLowSupport for IPFS chat (distributed, serverless, not yet encrypted)10/20/2016 05:13 AM0
1095 BugClosedNormalShould not highlight your own nick (Slack)Andrés G. Aragoneses06/02/2017 09:20 AM0
1094 BugNewNormalRed line (that indicates when new unread messages start) disappears after clicking on a Twitter link10/26/2016 05:03 PM0
1093 BugNewLowRight-click -> Close, on Twitter, shows pointless warning dialogMirco Bauer10/11/2016 02:21 PM0
1080 BugClosedNormalSide-bar gets resized back to smaller width when smuxi re-gains focusMirco Bauer09/24/2015 03:44 PM0
1044 BugNewNormalObjectDisposedException printed in the console when quitting smuxi (under SingleApplicationInstance code)05/14/2015 08:39 AM0
1020 BugClosedNormalsmuxi's command-line build system is not able to compile messaging-menu-sharp01/31/2015 11:19 AM0
1007 BugNewNormalShould not highlight conversations that have been already replied toOliver Schneider12/24/2014 01:11 PM0
975 FeatureNewNormalLow-bandwidth mode should prompt to download any important buffers05/14/2015 09:01 AM0
970 BugNewNormalSmuxi hangs (cannot be closed) after sudden disconnection (i.e. after coming back from suspend)Mirco Bauer05/14/2014 11:10 PM0
969 BugRejectedNormalIOException when starting for the first time while having a migrated .config/smuxi directoryMirco Bauer05/14/2014 11:58 PM0
951 BugNewNormalXMPP: bad user experience when message from server '[email protected] wishes to subscribe to you'Oliver Schneider07/13/2014 01:43 PM0
950 BugNewNormalXMPP double clicking a user inside a room, and sending a message, failsOliver Schneider01/28/2014 05:53 PM0
949 BugClosedNormalException when connecting to XMPP02/14/2014 07:45 PM0
943 FeatureNewLowWebRTC support01/19/2014 01:42 PM1
920 BugNewNormalIf Twitter connection fails, "Reconnect" menuitem is not available in its context menu12/23/2013 11:10 AM0
907 BugNewNormalMigrate to xbuild?Mirco Bauer02/23/2016 01:00 PM0
905 BugNewNormalgio-sharp FileNotFoundException happens when being highlighted in a "make run" buildMirco Bauer12/06/2013 12:27 AM0
904 BugNewNormalTwitterizer doesn't support error code 88 "Rate limit exceeded"Mirco Bauer12/20/2013 05:28 AM0
891 FeatureNewNormalBe able to know the available rooms on hipchatOliver Schneider11/27/2013 06:30 PM0

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