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bitcoin pattern false positive

Added by Andrés G. Aragoneses 2513 days ago. Updated 2498 days ago.

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(I'm guessing this bug was introduced in https://github.com/meebey/smuxi/commit/9469328cee27d79c00b6e89c7a4e724aa29e1816 ;) )

Steps to reproduce:
1. Someone mention an ethereum transaction ID in a channel, e.g.: 0x5cdc7e220fd116af780e64a04392b25c1a3d1c86d1b2ca2fea821294290e0f3c

Current results:
Part of the ETH-transaction ID gets underlined as a bitcoin-URI link: 392b25c1a3d1c86d1b2ca2fea82129429

Expected results:
Shouldn't highlight as link.

Implementation suggestion: my guess is that we need a similar approach to what I did here: https://github.com/meebey/smuxi/commit/dd7d45f46e13a22dfacb2c57a00a2324c56328ae , since the bug I fixed there was similar (finding a message pattern inside a bigger message, when the regex should try to find delimiters).


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