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Should not highlight your own nick (Slack)

Added by Andrés G. Aragoneses 2802 days ago. Updated 2574 days ago.

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Steps to reproduce:
1. Connected to Slack through Smuxi (with their IRC bridge)
2. Connect to Slack's web interface at the same time.
3. In the web interface, say something in a channel.

Current results:
smuxi highlights the message as if someone had mentioned you.

Expected results:
Should detect the message comes from yourself and not highlight it.

Associated revisions

Revision ee6c3a26286fa736fef7e998903874c012cc81f7
Added by Andrés G. Aragoneses 2795 days ago

Engine(-IRC): prevent highlights from self (closes: #1095)

In theory, IRC is designed in a way in which all messages from
your current handle are always sent from your own client.

However, with the advent of IRC bridges, such as the Slack one,
it's feasible to use your IRC handle from 2 places: smuxi and
the web (slack UI). In this case, when you sent a message using
the latter, you would get a smuxi highlight on the former
because the engine receives a message that contains your nick,
which is essentially a false positive.

This can be workarounded by adding a comparison to Me's property
in MessageBuilder class just before highlighting.

Revision d5b1c4217bebaaee3ed1fbe3d574903346c8e0f8
Added by Mirco Bauer 2795 days ago

Merge pull request #257 from knocte/slackHighlight

Engine(-IRC): prevent highlights from self (closes: #1095)


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