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05:03 PM Smuxi Feature #546: Cursor-based frontend/backend communication / dynamic backscroll
I started a prototype in a git branch to change the MessageBuffer API, to use timestamp+counter instead of naive/non-reliable index offset to identify and fetch a specific range of messages: https://github.com/meebey/smuxi/compare/experiments/mes...


04:13 PM Smuxi Revision e571f0bb1f328580ef4e65d98b5390ad05cc09fc: Merge branch 'stable'
Merge branch 'stable'
04:06 PM Smuxi Revision e9951f55e8bfd840e7ebd3cdb13ba8692ebd75ed: Merge pull request #281 from knocte/fixCiBuild...
Merge pull request #281 from knocte/fixCiBuildWithNewMono travis: install libnunit-cil-dev manually to fix build with new Mono


02:31 PM Smuxi Revision d4cfb71d70cadd8a9fd218e2089f1e32ad149c63: L10N: fix msgstr to include {0}
L10N: fix msgstr to include {0}


08:47 PM Smuxi Revision 0bfb616cdea941689845ad9f922bca256fe78f62: L10N: update translations from Transifex
L10N: update translations from Transifex


06:07 PM Smuxi Revision 8e337f3c2dcc66c4e52fceeb0908f533eaf782ad: Frontend-GNOME: update copyright info
Frontend-GNOME: update copyright info
02:00 PM Smuxi Revision 360fdbdc8c43eea0512a2e27fac8731a016b913f: Merge branch 'gnome/master'
Merge branch 'gnome/master'


06:07 PM Smuxi Revision 34886aef6630b28dc44064b3d300e89440c06554: Engine: fix serialization bug for CertFP suppo...
Engine: fix serialization bug for CertFP support The CertFP support in 83a2ab1c3 adds optional serialization and deserialization of fields specific to the CertFP support. The _ClientCertificateFilename_ field in particular was added to the serial...


10:19 AM Smuxi Revision 51b0315bf2bff7ff763acc37554ca4c3ac659c0c: Merge branch 'stable'
Merge branch 'stable'
10:15 AM Smuxi Revision f04942ca52c4d06c1dd0890bc601324c49d9ac63: Merge pull request #277 from knocte/patch-2 t...
Merge pull request #277 from knocte/patch-2 travisCI: from old trusty(14.04) to xenial(16.04)

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