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01:11 PM Smuxi Bug #1007: Should not highlight conversations that have been already replied to
Andrés G. Aragoneses wrote: > Win! According to this (https://www.libreoffice.org/bugzilla/show_bug.cgi?id=41417), facebook delivers the user's own messages via IQ packets. sorry, facebook killed that feature last year. ever since we cannot do...


07:17 PM Smuxi Bug #985: no state transition initial+sync during frontend connect of freshly started smuxi-server
happened while connecting a frontend to a smuxi-server that was started just a second before the frontend connect maybe some reordering of the events? the irc server was successfully connected afterwards full log attached Exception Type: ...


08:42 PM Smuxi Revision ccd8981b3cb830eaba446f48425c6c8c35c402ab: Frontend: /rejoin didn't work with ChatViewSyn...
Frontend: /rejoin didn't work with ChatViewSyncManager due calling Sync while already synced
08:42 PM Smuxi Revision cfddd43d9c096f56e62a5ca9947d6223beccd97d: Frontend(-GNOME): ChatViewSyncManager's intern...
Frontend(-GNOME): ChatViewSyncManager's internals refactored into a state-machine


01:42 PM Smuxi Bug #951: XMPP: bad user experience when message from server '[email protected] wishes ...
> There doesn't seem to be an /accept command or a /subscribe one that receives the user email id as an argument. it is planned for the future to be similar to pidgin (like clicking a link to accept or deny) right now you use "/add emailI...


11:15 AM Smuxi Bug #958 (Closed): Highlights don't work in XMPP MUCs
??????????? ? commit:"46170bfc123222544ac95a299344a1ff5ec99a4b" ????????.


10:38 PM Smuxi Revision 414afbf9983f8a73ee11433d0519f75ce17c2105: Engine-XMPP: when joining a room-jid that is n...
Engine-XMPP: when joining a room-jid that is not actually a room-jid a nullptr exception could occur
10:27 PM Smuxi Revision 46170bfc123222544ac95a299344a1ff5ec99a4b: Engine-XMPP: fixed hilighting of /joinas nickn...
Engine-XMPP: fixed hilighting of /joinas nickname (closes: #958)
10:00 PM Smuxi Revision 14b6c8f6378da9d4a3ed66a4f94eeee32bc99ae5: Engine-XMPP: refactored CreateMessage to get r...
Engine-XMPP: refactored CreateMessage to get rid of multiple boolean parameters


05:43 PM Smuxi Bug #950: XMPP double clicking a user inside a room, and sending a message, fails
Andrés G. Aragoneses wrote: > Thing is, I think the problem comes from trying to connect to '[email protected]/Foo' instead of to '[email protected]'. the nickname "Foo" is freely choosable whenever you join a room. al...

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