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187 BugClosedNormalChanging nick to an existing one will result in a fallback nickMirco Bauer08/11/2009 02:03 AM0
185 BugClosedUrgentOutput area is not showing own messagesMirco Bauer08/09/2009 10:30 PM0
184 BugClosedHighInvalidOperationException when adding an existing serverMirco Bauer08/09/2009 11:08 PM0
169 BugClosedUrgentCrashed with Smuxi.Frontend.Gnome.Entry - System.InvalidOperationException: out of syncMirco Bauer05/25/2009 05:03 PM0
164 BugClosedHighTaskQueue might leak resourcesMirco Bauer08/13/2009 04:03 PM0
163 BugClosedHighbad network connection causes random nicks to be usedMirco Bauer08/11/2009 01:35 AM0
162 TaskClosedHighRefactor topic entry of group chats from Gtk.Entry to Gtk.TextViewMirco Bauer08/13/2009 03:39 PM0
160 BugClosedUrgentsmuxi crash's when opening an URL which GNOME can't handleMirco Bauer08/09/2009 11:10 PM0
159 BugClosedNormalCannot restore from notification iconMirco Bauer08/10/2009 11:29 PM0
158 BugClosedNormalMinimises when switching workspaceMirco Bauer08/10/2009 10:29 PM0
151 BugClosedUrgentconfigure should check for nini.pcMirco Bauer05/25/2009 05:03 PM0
150 BugClosedHighConnecting to smuxi-server fails via SSH when using passwordsMirco Bauer05/25/2009 05:03 PM0
148 BugClosedHighSSH tunnel is not killed when quitting SmuxiMirco Bauer08/12/2009 01:15 AM0
145 BugClosedHighSSH tunnel setup failed: Bad configuration option: ExitOnForwardFailureMirco Bauer08/12/2009 12:29 AM0
129 BugClosedUrgentconfiguration error dialog [win32]Mirco Bauer08/06/2009 02:40 AM0
64 FeatureClosedNormalRemove dependency on TCP ports for 2-way communication (passive mode)Mirco Bauer08/06/2009 02:38 AM0
63 FeatureClosedImmediatereplace GNOME# API calls with GTK# APIMirco Bauer08/06/2009 02:35 AM0
28 FeatureClosedNormalsupport mIRC colors in topicMirco Bauer03/18/2012 08:37 AM1
15 FeatureClosedNormaladd date stamps between days like irssiMirco Bauer05/25/2009 05:02 PM0
1 FeatureClosedNormalsupport URLs in topicMirco Bauer05/25/2009 04:57 PM0

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