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1073 BugClosedNormalSQL: ERROR about MessageBuffer/PersistentSqlite/MaxCapacityMirco Bauer07/14/2015 08:56 PM0
1072 BugClosedUrgentexposed IpcChannel is world-writableMirco Bauer07/14/2015 07:36 PM0
1064 BugClosedNormalOn reconnect to running smuxi-server the message counter is misleadingMirco Bauer06/07/2015 11:53 AM1
1062 BugClosedUrgentCrash when persistency is sqlite and number of messages is large enoughMirco Bauer06/06/2015 12:06 PM0
1058 BugClosedUrgentSeen message become unseen on reconnect to serverMirco Bauer06/16/2015 11:49 PM1
1057 BugClosedUrgentUnseen message count includes part/join activity on reconnectMirco Bauer06/03/2015 10:52 PM1
1041 TaskClosedNormalMake SQLite as message backend the new defaultMirco Bauer05/21/2015 11:48 PM1
1040 BugClosedUrgentPersistent chat history needs to remember seen highlights/messages for the message countersMirco Bauer06/03/2015 12:14 AM3
1039 TaskClosedNormalHistory of messages should be persisted (and reloaded after restart)Mirco Bauer05/21/2015 11:48 PM2
1018 BugClosedNormalNullReferenceException thrown in SqliteMessageBuffer.get_Count()Mirco Bauer05/03/2015 11:27 PM0
984 FeatureClosedNormalConsistent highlight counter (color and text)Mirco Bauer01/21/2015 08:42 PM0
981 FeatureClosedNormalMark "Persistency Type" "Persistent (Db4o)" to be deprecatedMirco Bauer04/21/2015 07:24 AM0
936 BugClosedNormalSmuxi uses regulary 100% CPU for a short timeMirco Bauer05/21/2015 05:28 PM0
924 FeatureClosedNormalExpose events for hooksMirco Bauer07/13/2014 07:47 PM0
917 FeatureClosedNormalSmuxi should only auto resize the nick list on joinMirco Bauer05/11/2014 05:50 PM0
908 FeatureClosedNormalNew message history backend: SQLiteMirco Bauer03/01/2014 06:01 AM0
868 BugClosedNormalDon't write broadcast/PMs in logs of unrelated channelsMirco Bauer05/21/2015 05:16 PM4
802 BugClosedNormalSSL IRC connections usually only work on the first try (local engine)Mirco Bauer05/21/2015 05:16 PM1
784 FeatureClosedNormalNICKSERV identification.Mirco Bauer05/21/2015 07:02 PM4
539 FeatureClosedNormaloption to auto-change nick when the frontend client disconnects from the serverMirco Bauer05/22/2014 07:43 PM0
453 FeatureClosedImmediatePlugin API for Engine Commands / Command HooksMirco Bauer05/12/2014 01:14 AM2
407 FeatureClosedNormalRemember marker line even when frontend has been closed05/14/2015 09:27 AM2
231 FeatureClosedLowShow difference between old and new topicMirco Bauer07/13/2014 07:49 PM0

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