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Don't write broadcast/PMs in logs of unrelated channels

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At the moment, broadcast notices such as the below are displayed in some channel windows1, to make the notice obvious.

23:04:40 -ChanServ (ChanServ@services.)- [#gnu] Welcome to #gnu, the official channel of the GNU Project. Please read and follow http://www.gnu.org/server/irc-rules.html. 

However these show up in logs too. This is unnecessary, being redundant and irrelevant, and makes the logs potentially confusing.

In fact I would go as far to not display these messages in unrelated channels at all; instead display them in the server channel window and set a highlight for the user.

[1] I can't work out how smuxi chooses which channels to display this message in; it's less than "all channels" but greater than "the channel that's currently displayed".

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Added by Mirco Bauer 3340 days ago

Engine-IRC: don't show notices on shared channels for Nick/ChanServ (closes: #868)

This "show notices on shared channels" feature was introduced in #38 but became
annoying with Nick/ChanServ which send channel welcome messages or other
replies which then got spammed to all channels.


Updated by Mirco Bauer 3981 days ago

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- Notices from users you share channels with will also be shown on the
channel and the server tab to make it easier to see their notices.
(closes: #38)

Services are a special case I guess and are indeed a bit annoying. Smuxi should try to detect them (or hardcode some known nicks) and not do this. For the messages from services I agree.

Updated by Mirco Bauer 3724 days ago

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Updated by Jim C K Flaten 3644 days ago


It would be nice if we could configure where notices went. They currently go to all channels that you have in common with the sender, I believe, which gets pretty bad when communicating with network services. The options to route these messages should include at least:

  • Display in all common channels (current behavior).
  • If there is only one channel in common, display in that channel.
  • Display in currently selected channel.
  • Display only in the server tab.

Some people might prefer a mix of these options, so perhaps allowing multiple of them to be selected would be good. To make it even more complex, this could be implemented as a set of rules, where you always have a default rule, but can add new ones that change the behavior of a specific server or user.

| Rule name | Network | Source             | Common | Single | Active | Server |
| Default   | *       | *                  | X      |        |        |        |
| Services  | *       | ChanServ, NickServ |        |        |        | X      |
| ...                                                                          |

Updated by Mirco Bauer 3347 days ago

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I think for a quick fix NickServ@ and ChanServ@ should be blacklisted to be shown on "common/shared channels"

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