MonoTorrent is a cross platform and open source implementation of the BitTorrent protocol. It supports many advanced features such as Encryption, DHT, Peer Exchange, Web Seeding and Magnet Links.

Notable features include:
  • Encryption
  • Dht
  • Peer Exchange (uTorrent style)
  • Local Peer Discovery
  • Web Seeding (getright style)
  • Magnet Links / Metadata download
  • IPV6
  • FAST Extensions
  • Sparse files (NTFS file system)
  • Multi-tracker torrents
  • Compact tracker responses
  • IP Address white listing / black listing
  • Fast Resume
  • Initial Seeding (super seeding)
  • Selective downloading
  • Prioritised downloading
  • Full bittorrent tracker
  • Dynamic request queue size
  • Memory Cache
  • Endgame mode
  • Per torrent and global rate limiting
  • Individual file relocation

Source code: http://github.com/mono/monotorrent

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Manager: Alan McGovern, olivier dufour

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Source code
The source is now available at github
Added by Alan McGovern 5013 days ago

MonoTorrent 0.80 (1 comment)
Increasing shareholder value since nineteen diggity five
Added by Alan McGovern 5362 days ago

New website
MonoTorrent has found a new home
Added by Alan McGovern 5558 days ago

MonoTorrent 0.72
MonoTorrent 0.72 has been released, packed with bugfixes and optimisations!
Added by Alan McGovern 5558 days ago

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