MonoTorrent 0.72

MonoTorrent 0.72 has been released, packed with bugfixes and optimisations!
Added by Alan McGovern 5577 days ago

This is a bugfix release to address a few reported issues and also a few issues that were discovered via my own testing.

  • Add a helper method which ensures all data is flushed to disk
  • Added additional error handling to prevent malformed DHT messages crashing the library
  • Fixed issue when zeroing unused bits for torrents with an exact multiple of 32 pieces
  • Fixed issue where data could be written to the wrong file if a file with the same name existed in multiple torrents
  • Fixed the handling of torrents where the last file(s) are of zero length
  • Fixed regression with global download rate limiting
  • Fixed a performance regression with the new piece picking pipeline which resulted in lots of CPU cycles being used up on peers which have not sent an unchoke message

A precompiled binary and the sourcecode are available for download.