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new tabs opens at front instead of end

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When joining a channel or opening a new tab, it is unnatural that a tab gets opened at position 1.
As an example when i have the following channels open:
[test1] - [test2] - [test3] - [test4]
so when i type: /join #test5 a "normal" user would expect that the tab/channel gets added at the end of the list. No smuxi adds the tab in front of the existing tabs resulting in this:
[test5] - [test1] - [test2] - [test3] - [test4]
I checked if it maybe was sorted alphabetical, but no it wasn't.

Just a suggestion


Updated by Mirco Bauer 5748 days ago


Thats indeed a sorting bug, will be fixed in 0.6.2

Updated by Mirco Bauer 5725 days ago

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Fixed in SVN r366

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