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better behaviour when many many tabs are open

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Currently, if you have more tabs that can fit on the screen, there is no way to scroll them without also changing which tab is open. In order to see which tabs have highlights, without clearing those highlights, I need to switch to browser mode, scroll through the list, then switch out of browser mode.

I have a few suggestions to make this better:

1. add a separate level of tabs for networks; selecting between network tabs switches which channel tabs are visible.
2. add scroll bars to the tab list for viewing it without changing tabs.
3. instead of having tabs to select between channels, have a menu list (the same UI as the user list).

Some of these wouldn't work so well together, but doing at least one of these would improve the user experience IMO. I suggest (1) and (2).

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This is ultimately fixed with the new chat tree in 01105a7ac31f6b1f90a16d719b576f9740d8145b

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