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Japanese ISO-2022-JP encoding, IME

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Would be nice to have ISO-2022-JP encoding support added.

Also, in WinXP, while it is possible to send Japanese IME output to servers (via UTF-8 currently), when typing in Japanese an an external IME input box is opened in the top-left corner of the Smuxi window, rather than staying in the IRC input box like normal text fields.

In the attached screenshot: Japanesee IRC session window, and example of Japanese IME text input in top-left corner

smuxi-ime.png (251.3 KB) islisis islisis, 03/16/2013 07:12 PM


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Re. IME: It turns out there is a way to enable IME for generic text fields in WinXP, eg.
Of course it would be more convenient if there was some other way for gtk to support this by default.

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Regarding "an external IME input box is opened in the top-left corner of the Smuxi window", I can confirm this still happens with smuxi-0.11-1 on Windows 8.1.

xchat and hexchat have the same problem, Quassel and Nettalk do not.

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