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SerializationException when disconnected from engine

Added by baptiste m 4232 days ago. Updated 4218 days ago.

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Hi there!
I have an issue on ubuntu 10.04, each time the front-end disconnected from the remote engine (server on debian testing) caused by a broken pipe, a manual exit, lost connection, I'm not able to connect to the server anymore.
Also there the os X version is working fine.

workflow :
1. launch smuxi ( from daily repo )
2. try to connect to remote engine using ssh
3. connection works
4. loading all tabs
5. BLAM exception after loading a random tab : //kolo.fr/0/?e6a5f306b0f8077a#HgSU6N1pkuFTYrPb1cmQ6ZjaW42zl0zbPrU1bupCH/c=">http://kolo.fr/0/?e6a5f306b0f8077a#HgSU6N1pkuFTYrPb1cmQ6ZjaW42zl0zbPrU1bupCH/c=

Exception Type: System.Runtime.Serialization.SerializationException Exception Message: Could not find type 'System.Collections.Generic.InternalStringComparer'.

how to get your smuxi back :
1. restart server
2. reconnect with front-end
3. cry for losing history / op / tabs

client :
ubuntu 10.04
mono : Debian 2.6.7-5ubuntu1~dhx1
Smuxi - GNOME frontend

server :
debian weezy
mono : Debian
smuxi-server (last version from daily repository ( 21 nov ) )


Updated by baptiste m 4232 days ago


Edit 21 nov 15:00:
I updated the server from git
here is the updated paste http://kolo.fr/0/?9d1f6d665af07a1d#+OtH1KnnyWWuCjf/WJkKLZQ6txScEr3+qciIkOm6OmQ=

server is at the commit 8f0cb7c09059c5ef9bb374c10b6987a6c8d70607

Updated by baptiste m 4218 days ago


and now restarting the server don't help my client to work :(

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