Bug #634


messages get lost while tab is opened and synchronized

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I've been sent 3 messages while the tab was closed.
The first and the last message were shown while the second was missed by the frontend.

The message reached the frontend as the highlight notification was triggered and the debug mode on the server-tab indicated all three messages.

According to meebey this is a race condition which is related to opening and synchronizing the tab while the next message is already received

smuxi-message-dropped.jpg (59.8 KB) Bianca Mix, 10/18/2011 08:44 PM

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[Engine-IRC] Added workaround for losing messages on newly created queries (closes: #634)


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This issue will be fixed with a snapshot based chat sync. Here is an experimental git branch for this:

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This should get at least a workaround as short-term solution, this bug is really annoying.

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