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Nick colors based on ident@host

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Currently the nick colors are based on the nick itself for IRC which leads to issues as the nickname can be changed at any time on IRC and also people like to use "stateful nicks" (e.g. foo|afk) which is a bad thing though.

While this idea is not new see #215 grendel still provided good points to make the switch.
00:15:23 <grendel> would you consider changing it to use user@host of the user instead?
00:15:32 <grendel> that way when a user changes their nick, the color would stay the same
00:16:22 <meebey> grendel: hm, interesting idea
00:17:31 <meebey> grendel: the color couldnt change during the lifetime of the session... as changing user or host needs a new connection
00:17:36 <sorear> What about folks on dynamic IPs without stable RDNS?
00:17:45 <grendel> sorear: doesn't matter
00:17:51 <grendel> it will be username@ip
00:17:52 <meebey> yeah that doesnt matter
00:18:04 <meebey> actually
00:18:10 <meebey> IRC is fucked in that regard
00:18:11 <grendel> meebey: it would also be the same if one has several sessions from the same host
00:18:14 <meebey> so it matters :/
00:18:23 <meebey> you cant get the IP that user is really using
00:18:37 <grendel> meebey: that doesn't really matter
00:18:38 <meebey> you would need to make a lookup of the hostname
00:18:44 <grendel> what matters is the info your client gets
00:18:48 <meebey> and that could resolve to a different IP than the one actually used
00:18:48 <grendel> and that's usually consistent
00:18:55 <meebey> correct
00:19:00 <meebey> well
00:19:07 <meebey> it should use the string value then
00:19:09 <meebey> instead of IP
00:19:12 <grendel> exactly
00:19:15 <meebey> that is consistent for all users
00:19:20 <meebey> on the IRC network
00:19:22 <meebey> good point
00:19:32 <grendel> and ignore the tilde
00:19:37 <grendel> if the user has no identd running
00:20:03 <meebey> grendel: then it leaves a small room for cheating, different user could use an unchecked ident
00:20:07 <meebey> grendel: from the same box
00:20:15 <meebey> grendel: but thats a minor issue IMHO
00:20:25 <grendel> I agree, it's irrelevant
00:20:31 <meebey> ack
00:20:37 <meebey> grendel: I like this idea!
00:20:43 <grendel> in 99% of cases it will be very useful

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Updated by Mirco Bauer 4866 days ago


While this seems to be a great idea it actually has a big issue at the same time :( Most IRC users are using dial-up internet connections and with that changing their IP address and hostname. This means there is no way to get used to a nick-color for the same person using the same nick as he will have a different color the next day he connects to IRC :/

Updated by Mirco Bauer 4866 days ago

01:19:22 <brajkovic> meebey: There should be an invariant portion to most IP's.
01:19:49 <brajkovic> meebey: Generally speaking, even very dynamic IP's should have a non-variant, like <dynamic-portion>.provider.tld.
01:20:10 <brajkovic> You have to do some very heuristic parsing of the host to get this right though.
01:20:18 <meebey> brajkovic: so you suggest to use the common part of hostnames?
01:20:38 <brajkovic> Along with the GECOS.
01:20:53 <brajkovic> So it'd be user + invariant portion of the hostname.
01:21:12 <meebey> thats tricky... I am thinking of something in the other direction
01:27:18 <meebey> I think stronger nickname normalizing will give better results and will be less complex than all the other options
01:27:39 <meebey> s/normalizing/normalization/
01:27:46 <meebey> e.g. grendel|away becomes grendel
01:28:19 <meebey> just need to match for the first non-letter followed by letters I guess and use that 
01:28:39 <meebey> I do that already for trailing underscores
01:28:52 <meebey> e.g. robertj has the same color as robertj_

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