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first private chat message is not highlighted

Added by Mirco Bauer 5763 days ago. Updated 5721 days ago.

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Target version:0.6.2

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When someone sends me a private message and there was no tab for it open yet, the message will show up as no activity nor highlight.

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related to Smuxi - Bug #301 Highlights are not shown when connecting to remote engine Closed 01/15/2010


Updated by Mirco Bauer 5762 days ago


Post-pone this bug to 0.7.0, this issue looks simpler than it is.
The highlight get's lost for person chats because the highlight is cleared in GnomeUI.SyncChat() after it was synced so re-attaching the frontend will not trigger all highlights again. The highlight needs to be reset after all chat views are synced after the intial sync. We have no hook for this currently...

Updated by Mirco Bauer 5721 days ago

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Workaround disabled in SVN r383 thus this is fixed for now.

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