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Use a proxy

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Can I use a proxy in MonoTorrent-Library like ĀµTorrent and how?


Updated by Alan McGovern 4952 days ago


It'd be trivial to add support for it if you have a usable proxy library. All you have to do is create a custom IConnection which opens a connection using your proxy and register that with MonoTorrents ConnectionFactory. Then monotorrent will create instances of your IConnection every time it wants to initiate a connection and everything will just work.

Updated by Alan McGovern 4952 days ago

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Rejecting this as it's not a feature I'm planning on building into MonoTorrent. It has the necessary infrastructure in place to make it trivial for a person with a proxy library to implement. It'd probably take less than 30 lines of code (depending on how complex the proxy library is to use).

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