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Torrent Manager eats 50% CPU while Hashing

Added by Nik Ivanov 5256 days ago. Updated 5042 days ago.

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Every time I start downloading a torrent, the CPU spikes to 40%-50% of the CPU. The torrent manager stays in "Hashing" mode for quite some time. When torrent finally exits hashing mode, peers start connecting. It seems that hashing takes a lot longer than it should.
If you have trouble reproducing this (it happens on my machine every time), I can write a small sample app.

Monotorrent 0.80, release build.


Updated by Nik Ivanov 5256 days ago


Probably would be useful to note that there are no files in the save path of the torrent engine when this behavior occurs. So there aren't any files to hash for the torrent resume scenario

Updated by Nik Ivanov 5256 days ago


this doesn't happen in SVN trunk, so nevermind :)

Updated by Alan McGovern 5042 days ago

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Cool, just closing this one then.

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