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Twitter hostname and port can be configured in settings

Added by Mirco Bauer 5265 days ago. Updated 5254 days ago.

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With Preferences -> Servers -> Add you can add your Twitter account but you can also enter the hostname, port and network field. Those fields which should be disabled for Twitter, as they don't make sense (and are not supported). If you go via Server -> Add this issue is not happening.

Associated revisions

Revision 646d736b4ad6245134d0a6552a00727508e64d1a
Added by Mirco Bauer 5254 days ago

Refactored QuickConnectDialog and ServerView

- Removed lots of duplicate code by merging ServerView (glade based) and
QuickConnectDialog (stetic based) into ServerWidget.
- Replaced ServerView with ServerDialog.
- If Twitter is selected as protocol, you can no longer enter host or port.
(closes: #290)


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