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Configuration settings not fully applied in 0.6.4

Added by David Paleino 5385 days ago. Updated 5342 days ago.

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The configuration settings (at least, the color setting, don't know with regard to other settings) aren't applied to the contact list (nickname list on IRC) and the topic box.

i.e. if I set the background color to black and text white, the chat window and the chat textbox have the right colors, while the nickname list and the topic have the default black text on white background

Related issues

duplicated by Smuxi - Bug #201 font/color settings are not getting applied to userlist and topic Closed 10/06/2009

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Revision f808ded8e75967ec5ffb96d980c7c8e8802ef530
Added by Mirco Bauer 5342 days ago

Refactored config parser code for theming into ThemeSettings class, apply settings for person list and topic again. (closes: #189)


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