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Option to make all channels "read" when connecting

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Please make an option to unmark all the channels when connecting, and please
make it configurable per channel). I have a lot of channels where i am not
particularly interested when someone wrote something in the last days,
but when i connect i have to click through all those channels and the server tabs
to atleast see when someone writes something now.

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Revision 23fd526885648ecb1014ce14adf6b5a9b890b149
Added by Mirco Bauer 5469 days ago

Implemented "Clear All Activity" and added that to the Chat menu. (closes: #175)


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ACK, this one is a bit annoying, I experience the same issue :) My idea was to fix this by remembering which last message you have already seen and when you reconnect it will only show "activity" color of for newer messages, but there is some bug in that code... A "clear all activity" button would fix this more reliable I guess.

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