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URL handling

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Something appears to be breaking the URL handler for clicking links. Appears to happen in the Smuxi channel only.


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I can't reproduce this issue.

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ajorg pointed me to this issue and I was checking what is the cause... I thought for a while gnome vfs is the issue, but it's not!
I can reproduce this issue and I found the cause of it!
When you select an user in the userlist from that point on opening URLs will fail (be ignored actually).

This is caused by a check in the opening URL code:
489                if (e.Event.Button == 3 && _PersonTreeView.Selection.CountSelectedRows() > 1) { 
490                    e.RetVal = true; 
491                } 
and from an HasSelection override that says the page has a selection if an user is selected in GroupChatView.cs:
59            public override bool HasSelection { 
60                get { 
61                    return base.HasSelection || _PersonTreeView.Selection.CountSelectedRows() > 0; 
62                } 
63            }

SVN revision r327 and r330 show that affected code and a fix that was done only to one place. That might fix this issue, have to test.

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It was not as simple as I expected instead it was pretty challenging! Changing the HasSelection property causes regressions in other areas because they rely on that behaviour. The fix was to destroy the selection when we leave the user list, the URL code checks now for selected text only and the user list context menu does not grab the focus anymore (else we would loose the selection). Fixed in SVN revision r436

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