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999 BugNewNormalSystem.Net.HttpWebRequest..cctor() throws ArgumentExceptionMirco Bauer11/28/2014 06:46 PM0
998 BugNewNormalException: Object must implement IConvertible.Mirco Bauer11/19/2014 01:43 PM0
997 BugNewNormalDatabaseFileLockedException thrown in Db4oMessageBuffer.InitDatabase()Mirco Bauer11/25/2014 07:43 PM0
996 BugNewNormalHappens every time Twitter tries to sync with the clientMirco Bauer11/26/2014 11:24 PM1
992 FeatureNewNormalAutomatically detect input language for spell checkingMirco Bauer09/18/2014 12:20 PM0
988 BugNewNormalIndividual server usernames are ignored and only the global username is usedMirco Bauer09/04/2014 02:18 AM0
987 FeatureNewNormalAdd ability to highlight a phraseMirco Bauer09/08/2014 06:43 PM0
985 BugNewImmediateno state transition initial+sync during frontend connect of freshly started smuxi-serverMirco Bauer09/01/2014 05:59 PM0
983 BugClosedNormalIssue with URL detection which contain: 'Mirco Bauer10/09/2014 11:58 AM0
979 BugNewUrgentInvalidStateExceptionMirco Bauer08/26/2014 09:45 AM0
978 BugNewUrgentTwitter engine fails retrieving timelines after some time with Object reference not set to an instance of an objectMirco Bauer08/14/2014 12:34 PM0
976 BugNewNormalException: Index was out of range. Must be non-negative and less than the size of the collection.Parameter name: indexMirco Bauer07/22/2014 11:11 AM0
970 BugNewNormalSmuxi hangs (cannot be closed) after sudden disconnection (i.e. after coming back from suspend)Mirco Bauer05/14/2014 11:10 PM0
969 BugRejectedNormalIOException when starting for the first time while having a migrated .config/smuxi directoryMirco Bauer05/14/2014 11:58 PM0
968 BugNewNormalException: An element with the same key already exists in the dictionary.Mirco Bauer05/11/2014 09:32 PM0
966 FeatureNewNormalMarkline color configMirco Bauer05/04/2014 09:11 PM0
963 BugClosedNormalmdbundle compressed smuxi binary crashesMirco Bauer04/29/2014 09:04 PM0
962 BugClosedNormalNullReferenceException in MessageTextView.AddMessage()Mirco Bauer04/23/2014 02:15 PM0
961 BugNewNormalubuntu 14.04 - tree view corrupted.Mirco Bauer04/21/2014 11:15 PM0
960 FeatureNewNormalSocial Login SupportMirco Bauer03/24/2014 09:05 PM0
956 BugClosedNormalchat list width not resizable (to smaller width)Mirco Bauer02/20/2014 06:13 PM0
953 BugClosedNormalNullReferenceException in Frontend.TryOpenChatLink()Mirco Bauer02/14/2014 07:42 PM0
948 FeatureNewNormalShare vertical space of chat list and user listMirco Bauer01/26/2014 02:43 PM0
947 BugClosedNormalInvalidOperationException thrown in TwitterProtocolManager.CommandUnfollow()Mirco Bauer01/25/2014 08:25 AM0
946 BugClosedNormalReconnect issue with server and channel passwordsMirco Bauer02/13/2014 05:46 AM0

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