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Make a setting to hide toolbar

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For some users the toolbar is superfluous and a waste of screen estate. Make a setting (internal) to disable it.

Related to Issue #706

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[Frontend-GNOME] Replaced "Show Join Bar" with "Show Toolbar" (closes: #842)


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So, after our discussion on G+, I'll post my idea here:

Why not have the "Hide Quickjoin" hide the whole toolbar, just like it did before ?

Of course it would be renamed to "Hide toolbar".

I don't think people who've been using the Quickjoin until now would mind the additional toolbar.

Similarly, people who like the new toolbar shouldn't mind the Quickjoin either.

Updated by Rémi Rérolle 3984 days ago


Also, in order to explain my use case and "why I don't want a toolbar", here's my setup:

I use a remote engine, so every time I open Smuxi, I have all my connections and channels open. This means I don't need a connect or join button. I never connect to another network, and very rarely join new channels. When I do, I'm really fine with just typing /j #channel.

Also, if I'd want to go fullscreen I'd just type F11, and I have no problems using the menu bar to open the preferences, open the log or find a channel...

As can be seen, I really have no use for the toolbar, and would like it to be hidden.

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