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Can't use typical norwegian characters

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If I use UTF-8 encoding, the characters "æ", "ø" and "å" should be supported, but it isn't.
They show up as weird doodles ("?").
But when I write "æøå" in a channel myself, the characters are shown properly (and viewed properly by others).

If I change to X-IA5-NORWEGIAN encoding, then there is an issue with connecting to channels, since the encoding thinks the "#" is a "?".
Example below, see how the "#" is switched with a "?" when trying to join:
17:17:39 -!- Joining: #solidworks
17:17:39 [403 (ErrorNoSuchChannel) ?solidworks] No such channel

This was a problem in last version, and is still with version 0.8.9-1
Running Windows 7 x64

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A little update:
I now see that the correct characters are shown from certain people, but not from everyone.
Can this happen if they use another charset that contains the same characters?

e.g. everyone has the "æ, ø or å" characters, but not from the same charset, and I can only view the ones from the ones running the same charset as me?
Just guessing, since I don't know.

Updated by norsk gutt 3092 days ago


The answer lies in comment #1.
If the sender has another (non-standard) charset, the æøå will not be properly shown.
This can't be fixed with Smuxi, but only by the sender changing his charset.

This can be closed.

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