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feature wish: smart nick tab-completion

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Hi folks,

it would be nice if smuxi would incorporate a smart algorithm to complete nicks with the tab key.

one IRC Channel, several nicks, at least 3 with the same 3 characters at the beginning of the nick: john, JohnDoe, JoHeartcliff. JoHeartcliff almost ever just idles, john talks a lot and JohnDoe just recently joined (a few seconds / minutes ago).

1.) I have an active conversation with john, used his nick at least sometimes to highlight him
2.) I have an active conversation with john, did not use his nick to highlight
3.) I am watching passively a conversation and want to say something to john

for 1.) joh<tab> smuxi should default to john, at least if he is still very active chatting. joh<tab><tab> should cycle through the other nicks, the least active users LAST (a recent join is considered middle-active!)
for 2.) almost the same as for 1.), but smuxi should default to tab-complete active chatting users. The quoting should be balanced between most recent and most messages since N minutes somehow...
for 3.) smuxi should tab-complete to the most recent message / event (also a channel-join) as default, next tab key press most active, next tab key press the rest, ordered by "activeness".

This is just a rough idea how I think smart nick / highlight handling should work, it may not be the definite answer ;)


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