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pass multi-line messages to engine as-is

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when sending more than one line (e.g. pasting source code or with Ctrl+Return), smuxi always splits it into multiple lines.
for xmpp messages this is not the preferred way.
I want some way of configuring this (on a per chat basis?)

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Added by Oliver Schneider 4151 days ago

[Engine-IRC, Frontend-GNOME] Prevent splitting of (pasted) multiple lines into multiple messages except for irc (closes: #812)


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Engine-Campfire has the same issue. Carlos wanted to implement paste-support for Campfire but couldn't because Frontend-GNOME splits each newline into a new CommandModel object in Entry._OnActivated().

I have no idea how the frontend should
a) tell multi-line messsage and a list of commands apart
b) pass the multi-line message to the engine

Maybe the frontend should detect newlines and assume it is possibly multiple messages and show a warning BUT should simply not touch/split the message and let the engine deal with splitting it up or not.

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