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user defined highlights

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The highlightlist is not accessible in the gnome front-end. Tested it within windows and Ubuntu 8.04 LTS 32/64Bit edition.
A further suggestion is allowing Regualar expressions within the highlight list.

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Added by Chris Le Sueur 5111 days ago

Support custom highlight words (closes: #78)

Initial commit. Additional highlight words are required to be separated by non-word
characters from surrounding text. A word can be defined as a regex by surroundng it
with forward slashes. (In this case there is not yet any error checking). In the
preferences UI, each new line specifies a new highlight word, so they can contain

Signed-off-by: Mirco Bauer <>


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The highlight list is disabled because it's not implemented, thus I changed this ticket to "enhancement".

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Highlight should allow to be channel specific. Also highlights should have an exclude list.

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Initial stuff is done, but no support yet for channel-specific or excluding highlights.

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Chris Le Sueur wrote:

Initial stuff is done, but no support yet for channel-specific or excluding highlights.

For extra features, please make new tickets and set this one to 100% + resolved + git repo + git branch name, then I can merge it into master.

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Very promising branch! For the reference here some comments regards the code (which I said on IRC):
22:04:42 <meebey> Fish-Face: ok, the first thing you need to read about is: git rebase -i to squash commits
22:12:12 <meebey> Fish-Face: white space errors are: mixed white space (space with tabs)
22:12:29 <meebey> Fish-Face: or trailing white space, say behind code;
22:23:11 <meebey> Fish-Face: about coding style, local variables are _always_ lower cased
22:23:40 <meebey> Fish-Face: e.g. +            string[] HighlightWords = 
22:26:05 <meebey> Fish-Face: its ok to use C# 2.0 and 3.0 language (compile time) features
22:26:07 <meebey> Fish-Face: for example:
22:26:12 <meebey> +            ((Gtk.TextView)_Glade["HighlightWordsTextView"]).Buffer.Changed += new EventHandler(_OnChanged);
22:26:17 <meebey> Fish-Face: -> += _OnChanged;

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