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Remove dependency on TCP ports for 2-way communication (passive mode)

Added by Kalle Kaitala 5744 days ago. Updated 5364 days ago.

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Currently both the client and server need open ports for successful communication. Since most home-level connections come with port restrictions, and because you can basically do everything inside a single TCP connection, remove the need of a client having an open TCP port.


Updated by Mirco Bauer 5704 days ago


I agreed with Cobrian that a temporarly solution using TcpChannel + SSH tunnel (controlled by smux) is acceptable to solve firewall and NAT issues. In the long term the TcpChannel itself should be smarter or be replaced by something else.

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Implemented in SVN r427

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Well this is not fully completed yet, as you can't configure it.

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The Engine Manager needs SSH settings.

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SSH is now fully configurable with the GUI.
Implemented in git commit 15440b60da30f55775edf75e42bcb7ca9a140002

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