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Count highlight on Tabs

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It would be very cool if Smuxi could count highlight's per tab e.g.
#smuxi (3)

This way the user know "oh I only saw two... somewhere must be another one"

At least for channels this would be cool, for Queries it's not important

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Revision 8aa4c28d78bbe6092c0998fb78994205eaf915df
Added by Andrew Kannan 4808 days ago

Added highlight counter to tabs (closes: #476)

- Added HighlightCount property to ChatView class
- Modified HasHighlight setter to update counter which increments each time
HasHighlight is set true, set to 0 on false
- Counter does not show unless more than 1 highlights are present
- Highlight color still shows on 1 highlight

Signed-off-by: Mirco Bauer <>


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Updated by Mirco Bauer 4811 days ago


The first highlight should not get a number, but the following ones.

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