Bug #301


Highlights are not shown when connecting to remote engine

Added by Bianca Mix 5237 days ago. Updated 5224 days ago.

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Category:Frontend GNOME
Target version:0.7.1


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When connection to a remote engine smuxi does not highlight any old highlights anymore though they were not seen yet as the frontend had been disconnected.

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Revision 4c7865a969107638de1045d8ed725446b3fa4610
Added by Mirco Bauer 5224 days ago

Remember seen highlights correctly (closes: #301)


Updated by Bianca Mix 5237 days ago


Meant is the tab-colorization, the text is still highlighted

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Updated by Mirco Bauer 5225 days ago

01:08:23 <meebey> I am doing an == compare between 2 objects from the GUI thread
01:08:38 <meebey> and I wonder if I need to marshall that into the GUI thread
12:55:15 <robertj> you better use Object.ReferenceEquals. just in case they override ==.

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