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Twitter only works with maximum one account

Added by Sebastian Schnur 5270 days ago. Updated 5039 days ago.

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After readding a twitter account to smuxi (same twitter account) with a char only password smuxi opens two twitter tabs. I just witnessed, that smuxi can only handle one twitter account.

Associated revisions

Revision 248ef860ccb2e16b55fccc542464b882ed7eb024
Added by Mirco Bauer 5039 days ago

Replaced Twitterizer library v1 with v2 which supports OAuth (closes: #369)

Refactored TwitterProtocolManager to use the new version of the Twitterizer
library which allows us to use the OAuth API of Twitter.

Make use of the OAuth API. (closes: #368)

Added support for using multiple Twitter accout at once. (closes: #298)


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