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10:03 AM Smuxi Bug #412: Smuxi crashes when trying to open preferences
I just updated smuxi from 0.7.1 to on Windows 7. When I tried to open smuxi's preferences I've got the following exception message and smuxi crashes. It seems it has to do something with the new Channel Filters. ...


02:38 PM Smuxi Feature #368: Smuxi needs OAuth Plugin for twitter API authentication until 30. June 2010
Twitter will shutdown the "Basic Authentication Method" for its API at 30. June 2010. smuxi-engine-twitter needs to support OAuth for working twitter login after this date. Source: http://techleash.com/2010/04/twitter-going-oauth-only-are-d...


10:59 AM Smuxi Bug #364: smuxi crashes when sending a message to one user who has blocked another user
I tried to send a message to a user who has blocked me and I got the following Exception: ...
10:56 AM Smuxi Bug #363: smuxi crashes when sending a message to a user who doesn't follow
I tried to send a message to a user who doesn't follow me. After that smuxi crashes with the following Exception: Inner-Exception Type: System.Net.WebException Inner-Exception Message: The remote server returned an error: (403) Forbidden. ...


09:07 PM Smuxi Bug #320: Smuxi crashes when trying to add a server with an invalid/unsupported protocol
Exception Type: System.ApplicationException Exception Message: Unsupported protocol: IRC Exception StackTrace: at Smuxi.Frontend.Gnome.QuickConnectDialog.OnTreeViewSelectionChanged (System.Object sender, System.EventArgs e) [0x00000] ...


10:37 PM Smuxi Feature #298: Twitter only works with maximum one account
After readding a twitter account to smuxi (same twitter account) with a char only password smuxi opens two twitter tabs. I just witnessed, that smuxi can only handle one twitter account.
10:32 PM Smuxi Bug #297: NullReferenceException on start with auto-connecting Twitter account
I just installed the Smuxi 0.7 backports from debian.meebey.net. My Debian installation was completely clean of any kind what has to do with smuxi (I purged it). After adding a twitter account with auto-connect and restarting smuxi to test if ...
01:11 PM Smuxi Feature #295: Please highlight topics in twitter timeline, make it clickable and feed it
When the twitter timeline shows the topic like #smuxi a click on this topic should open a new tab and feed the topic. Example: @13:15 <ikkerus> @michaeltorbert Are you the man who is using #ProxyScraper ?@ Maybe searching for topics is anot...


11:35 PM Smuxi Feature #289: Search by topic
Please include a search by topic function which searches a specific topic. I hope this is enough for the description. :) Please asign this to someone if you are willing to write the code. Cheers


09:57 PM Smuxi Bug #214: Automatic download of gtk-sharp for windows installer does not work
If you are behind a proxy, no proxy script might be working. A few days ago I just installed Smuxi behind a proxy with an error getting GTK# 2.12. I tried it again with directly going through the proxy using a port. It worked! :) This is may...

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