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set away automatically when no connection to server

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It would be nice to appear as away to others when you are not connected to the smuxi-server.
I never used /away but relied on the bouncer to do that.

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blocked by Smuxi - Task #454 Presence API Closed 08/22/2010

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Added by Mirco Bauer 4982 days ago

Automatically set and unset away state. (closes: #170)

When the last connected frontend disconnects from the session and when a
frontend connects again it will automatically update the away state for all
protocol managers.

This feature introduces a simple presence API which each protocol manager can
support. (closes: #454)


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Thats a good idea, I planned to do that as some kind of "auto-away" plugin (once we have a plugin API that is). It could activate away based on inactivity or no connected frontends.

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As there is no presence API to set "away" in a protocol neutral way, this is could be easy but its not. The Session object knows how many active frontends are connected (via the FrontendManager registry).

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