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05:19 AM Smuxi Feature #175: Option to make all channels "read" when connecting
Please make an option to unmark all the channels when connecting, and please make it configurable per channel). I have a lot of channels where i am not particularly interested when someone wrote something in the last days, but when i connect i...


09:38 PM Smuxi Feature #174: contextmenu on nicks in chatwindow
Richtclicking a nick in the chatwindow/textframe should give the same menu as in the nicklist. (Also, some common ctcp actions would be nice)
09:36 PM Smuxi Feature #173: whois output in current channel
Would be nice to have the output of whois/etc. in the current channel, so one doesnt have to switch to the corresponding server tab.
09:36 PM Smuxi Feature #172: make chatlines standout
It's hard to distinguish between normal chat text and joins/parts/etc. Would be nice to have a configurable color or font setting.
08:14 PM Smuxi Feature #171: colorize people who are away X-Chat-style
Make people that are away another color in the nicklist to see instantly who is online. A very nice feature of XChat.
08:12 PM Smuxi Feature #170: set away automatically when no connection to server
It would be nice to appear as away to others when you are not connected to the smuxi-server. I never used /away but relied on the bouncer to do that.

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