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tab completion over-eager

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If there are two nicks in the room, 'alanA' and 'alanB', then tab completion should only complete 'alan'. Further presses of 'tab' could list the different possibilities onscreen, but not fully complete any name.

Press 'a'
press tab
smuxi completes 'alan'
press tab again
smuxi prints 'alanA' and 'alanB' to screen so i know what my options are
press 'A' (or a)
press tab again
smuxi finishes the name leaving me with 'alanA: '


Updated by Mirco Bauer 5893 days ago

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This feature is already implemented in smuxi. By default smuxi uses irssi-style nickname completion, that is if there are multiple matches, it will pick the first one and use it. You can change that to "bash style" nickname completion in the Preferences.

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