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I want to change the Smuxi theme, how can I do this?

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Smuxi is picking your normal theme and is applying this for its own style as well.

Under Linux use your normal Appearance settings e.g. System --> Preferences --> Appearance.

For those not running under Linux you can use the GTK Theme Switcher to adjust theming.

The GTK+ Themes installer
contains plenty of themes and theme engines, and GTK+ Preference Tool version 0.4.1.
You can get it here

When it asks for the install location you need to change it to the GTK# location, else it will not list the newly installed themes! The GTK# location is by default: C:\Program Files\GtkSharp\2.12\

After the install, you can change the GTK+ theme by starting "Change GTK2 Appearance" from the Windows Program Menu -> All Programs -> GTK2 Runtime

Please, restart Smuxi after changing a theme, otherwise it won't be applied.

If you want to download and install themes from http://gnome-look.org/?xcontentmode=100 you will either need to install 7-Zip or WinRAR, then extract the files into C:\Program Files\GtkSharp\2.12\share\themes\

Here you can see a dark GTK+ theme in action on Windows 7

smuxi- - Smuxi on Windows 7 with a dark GTK+ theme named "Clearlook-Warning" (351.9 KB) Mirco Bauer, 02/11/2012 02:44 PM

smuxi- (375.4 KB) Mirco Bauer, 02/11/2012 02:51 PM