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1093 BugNewLowRight-click -> Close, on Twitter, shows pointless warning dialogMirco Bauer10/11/2016 02:21 PM0
1054 FeatureNewNormalTwitter ListsMirco Bauer05/13/2015 08:24 PM0
1023 BugNewNormalNullReferenceException thrown in Newtonsoft.Json.Serialization.ResolverContractKey.GetHashCode()Mirco Bauer02/04/2015 03:32 PM0
1016 BugClosedNormalCould not load type 'Smuxi.Engine.TwitterSearchStream[]'Mirco Bauer01/11/2015 09:26 PM0
1014 FeatureNewNormalLink Twitter account namesMirco Bauer01/05/2015 06:26 PM0
978 BugNewUrgentTwitter engine fails retrieving timelines after some time with Object reference not set to an instance of an objectMirco Bauer08/14/2014 12:34 PM0
947 BugClosedNormalInvalidOperationException thrown in TwitterProtocolManager.CommandUnfollow()Mirco Bauer01/25/2014 08:25 AM0
940 BugClosedUrgentTwitter no longer works since they enforce SSL/TLS (14th January 2014)Mirco Bauer01/15/2014 06:32 AM0
912 BugClosedNormaltwitter tweet short id overflow gives two [01] idsMirco Bauer12/26/2013 02:35 PM0
904 BugNewNormalTwitterizer doesn't support error code 88 "Rate limit exceeded"Mirco Bauer12/20/2013 05:28 AM0
872 BugClosedUrgentTwitter v1 API was killed, thus v1.1 migration requiredMirco Bauer08/19/2013 02:06 AM0
733 BugNewNormalTwitter "Connection failed!"Mirco Bauer08/26/2012 12:40 PM0
716 BugClosedNormalTemporarily ignore Twitter authentication issuesMirco Bauer07/02/2012 01:45 PM0
695 BugNewNormalAn error occurred while fetching the friends timeline from Twitter. Reason: Error: SendFailure (The object was used after being disposed.)Mirco Bauer05/26/2012 04:40 PM0
649 FeatureClosedNormalVerify Twitter OAuth tokens, invalidate and re-request when neededMirco Bauer11/20/2011 01:09 PM0
644 FeatureClosedNormalNew Twitter API key with Direct Messages permissionMirco Bauer11/10/2011 11:36 AM0
643 TaskClosedNormalUpdate Twitterizer library to 2.4Mirco Bauer11/20/2011 01:11 PM0
623 BugClosedNormalSmuxi no longer shows Direct Messages of TwitterMirco Bauer11/10/2011 11:36 AM0
590 BugClosedNormalTwitter timestamp always wrongMirco Bauer07/04/2012 06:49 PM0
582 FeatureNewNormalTwitter userlist should be updated from time to time04/06/2011 08:52 PM0
514 BugClosedNormalTwitter Error: Cannot cast from source type to destination typeMirco Bauer06/01/2011 10:09 AM0
502 BugClosedUrgentTwitter: Error converting value "100+" to type 'System.Nullable`1[System.Int32]'Mirco Bauer12/18/2010 06:17 PM1
483 FeatureNewNormalLink @username to open a tab with the users timelineMirco Bauer09/07/2010 05:26 PM0
482 FeatureNewNormalSupport for relevant commandsMirco Bauer09/07/2010 05:26 PM0
481 FeatureNewNormalKeep up to date with accountMirco Bauer09/07/2010 05:25 PM0

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