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closing server tabs will freeze the frontend [win32]

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This problem only occurs within Windows using the GTK# frontend. When closing a servertab, and smuxi warns you that it will also close all channels and chats, it will freeze smuxi totally. In first i thought the whole program was dead, but i decided to leave it on and after a feq MINUTES it actually closed all tabs and i could continue using smuxi.

I don't know if it occurs because of the missing gconf2.exe (wich we had a talk about in irc) or just because of GTK#, or your code. Nor did i find out if it's the engine or just the frontend.

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Close networks in background as it might block and with that the UI becomes unresponsive. (closes: #81)


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Hm, migh be related to thread handling, need to debug that on windows then.

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I've tested further within windows, i cannot establish a connection via the Quick Connect options to whatever server i choose, after i closed a server tab. Now i have to restart smuxi again. So indeed this would be very critical for windows users.

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Zhila please try to reproduce this bug and report back.

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So Zhila found it, it's freezing the GUI for around 45 seconds.. it doesnt always happen though. I expect it's either server specific (how they handle QUIT and sockets) or just a race condition in the threading of SmartIrc4net. I will postpone this to 0.6.3 or 0.7.0 for now though.

Updated by Mirco Bauer 5091 days ago

10:08:30 <sorear> Thread.Abort says it has no effect unless the target is executing managed code
10:09:08 <meebey> hm, that is interesting!
10:09:35 <meebey> that could be the reason why Smuxi blocks on windows when disconnecting from a server
10:09:40 <meebey> while on linux with mono it doesn't
10:09:59 <meebey> I dont think that limitation applies to mono's threading implementating, but I am not sure
10:11:05 <meebey> it usually blocks for exactly 30 seconds ;)
10:11:22 <sorear> Thread.Interrupt, meanwhile, can interrupt thread synchronization primitives, but not I/O or managed code execution

So could be the cause of the issue, Mono probably doesn't have that limitation. A workaround would be to disconnect using a background thread.

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