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logging support

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Smuxi should be able to log conversations (person and group chats). Provinding a logging API and then allow plugins to implement actual loggers should be a good base. Here a list of possible logging plugins/formats: irssi-like format, universal RDBMS (using SmartDao) and xml.

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Added by Mirco Bauer 5031 days ago

Implemented text logging. (closes: #62)


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Not sure if this will really make it into 0.7, as it needs the plugin API, but I will set 0.7 as milestone for now!

Updated by Jonathan Pryor 5356 days ago


Please allow the logging to conform to irssi logging output:

- Plain text files (good for use with grep, less, etc.)
- filenames of NETWORK/CHANNEL.log (e.g. freenode/##csharp.log)
- Lines of: HH:MM <NICK> COMMENT
- e.g.: 13:53 < zeroflag> fine.

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As initial logging support I think a plain text file (like irssi does) will do the job in most cases. Later we can add more advanced logging.

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