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prefer last used nicks with tab completion

Added by brandon barnett 4913 days ago. Updated 4037 days ago.

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Target version:0.9


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when i use nick name completion, i often end up getting the wrong nick because other nicks have the same few first letters.

like if there is ohshaith55 and ohshaith-laptop in a channel and ohshaith-laptop spoke last, smuxi currently would randomly complete to one or the other.
instead, smuxi should autocomplete to ohshaith-laptop.

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Revision 4f962d253e2fea07431ca19ec10f7f261bf430c2
Added by Ondrej Hošek 4039 days ago

[Frontend-(GNOME|STFL)] Implement last-speaker-first completion ordering (fixes #558).

Allow ordering of completion suggestions by who spoke last. Useful for those
pesky idlers. ;-)


Updated by Mirco Bauer 4913 days ago

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Last used nick in this context means not the nicks who said something instead whom you replied to.

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