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Hide Chanserv and Nickserv messages

Added by Jaap Broekhuizen 4743 days ago. Updated 4372 days ago.

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Target version:0.8.9

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As the title says, please make an option to hide the chanserv and nickserv messages. I really dont care what they say. And i really dont need them to get their own tab! They clutter my tabs.
You could let the chanserv and nickserv messages show in the server window.

Thanks in advance

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Added by Mirco Bauer 4389 days ago

[Engine-IRC] Reworked how private notices are handled

- A notice will no longer open new tabs, instead show the notice on the
server tab. This avoids NickServ/ChanServ spam (closes: #554) and
also IRCop tab spam (closes: #226)
- Notices from users you share channels with will also be shown on the
channel and the server tab to make it easier to see their notices.
(closes: #38)


Updated by Mirco Bauer 4742 days ago


The issue is that ChanServ and NickServ are not part of the IRC RFC and cannot be detected easily in a IRC network independent way. Setting a filter is not an option? see http://www.smuxi.org/ezfaq/show/smuxi?faq_id=13

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This change can be tested with a development build which can be obtained from here: http://www.smuxi.org/documentation/running-from-git/

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