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Theme sensitive application icon

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If a (GNOME) theme provides an application icon for Smuxi, it should be used in place of the canonical one wherever applicable.

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Added by Mirco Bauer 4514 days ago

[Frontend-GNOME] Load PNG instead of SVG images, honor GTK+ icon themes and install icons into correct places

- Only load pre-scaled PNG image files in Smuxi so the SVG pixbuf loader
for GDK is no longer needed. (closes: #230, #304)
- Load icons using Gtk.IconTheme to honor GTK+ icon themes. (closes: #472)
- Install SVG and PNGs into correct locations as per
GNOME Goal: Install theme-friendly icons [0]. (closes: #503)



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This already works if the theme provides an icon for smuxi-frontend-gnome.svg. I think a best practice is to leave out the extension in the .desktop however; example from Empathy:


Screenshots: http://imgur.com/a/Id0KJ/smuxi_faenza_icons

Remaining issues: The Notification Area icon is not affected by the theme.

Updated by Dag Odenhall 4966 days ago


Just realized the tab icons ignore the theme as well. Using Gtk stock icons should solve this.

Updated by Dag Odenhall 4963 days ago

<donri> meebey: Gtk.IconTheme
<donri> meebey: bool Gtk.IconTheme.Default.HasIcon("smuxi-frontend-gnome")
<donri> meebey: Gdk.Pixbuf Gtk.IconTheme.Default.LoadIcon("smuxi-frontend-gnome", 24, 0)
<donri> if null use old loading mechanism
<donri> Not sure if that's needed to use theme icons on the tabs
<donri> Mainly because I don't know how you currently load 'em :)

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