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Generate more distinct nick colors

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The available distinct colors that can be used for nicks are very limited as the human eye can't easily tell many colors apart. While consuming Kriek in Brussels (FOSDEM 2010), Jo Shields had the great idea of using the background color to generate more possible and easy to identify nick colors. Maybe even use some formattings such as underline, bold or italic, but that would probably look inconsistent.

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Added by Mirco Bauer 4999 days ago

Implemented new message builder API

Implemented a new message builder API which allows to create messages with
a much nicer API and using less code.

The new API generates more distinct nick-colors by using a color combination
consisting of colored tags (<>) and colored nick name. (closes: #388)
The own nick is now bold to make it more distinct from other nick names.
(closes: #419)

Refactored Engine-IRC and Engine-Twitter to make use of the new API.

Imported MIT/X11 licensed CRC32 implementation for stable hashcodes needed for
the unique nick-colors feature. (closes: #387)


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