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/join suddenly stops working

Added by Ingo Saitz 5154 days ago. Updated 5144 days ago.

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Category:Engine IRC
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after closing a tab by klicking it with the middle mouse button (which probably was not the trigger), i could not /join any channel on all ircnets i was connected to. /reconnect did not help to fix the problem, only closing the server tab with all its channels and reopening it using quick connect from the menu.
after that i could use /join again on the new server connection but still not on the old server connections.
/quote join #channel worked nevertheless.

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Revision 1ab5cca803ac70499d721c7ebef82d8009a99b39
Added by Mirco Bauer 5144 days ago

Reset the join queue when disconnecting and be verbose when the delay kicks in (closes: #311)

The /join command sometimes stopped completly working.
A netsplit -> excess flood -> rejoins -> excess flood could leave old and
unfinished join attempts in _ActiveChannelJoinList behind causing the join
queue to block forever.


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Ok, I could track this issue down to this:

The NAMES reply event can be raised multiple times for big channels, leaving duplicate entries in _JoinChannelList behind. The next join attempt will then believe there are still on-going joins and thus never happens.

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