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Process "On Connect Commands" for Quick Connect

Added by Mirco Bauer 5259 days ago. Updated 5206 days ago.

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If there are commands defined on the "On Connect Commands" box of a server the Quick Connect will not process those. They are only processed if the "Automatically connect to server at startup" is checked for that server.

Related issues

related to Smuxi - Bug #299 /server and /connect $server crashes with NullReferenceException Closed 01/14/2010

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Revision 6af341ee168bb6226528d3a13fd5e196d4e2a6f3
Added by Mirco Bauer 5206 days ago

Implemented on connect commands in quick connect dialog (closes: #236)

- Added "On Connect Commands" textview with "Ignore Commands" checkbox.
- Enlarged the default dialog size to 640x480.
- Fixed Twitter support in QuickConnectDialog, the hostname and port entry
fields were not disabled.

- Refactored "OnConnectCommands" processing by moving that out of
RegisterFrontendUI() into Connect().


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This one is difficult to implement as it needs refactoring of the code that executes the commands to a better place.

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