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Incorrect handling of PASS command parameters

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Hello Mirco,
today I was trying to setup a BNC to stay 24/7 connected to IRC, and found that smuxi wasn't handling the PASS command properly (i.e. the password to connect to the server, not the one to identify to one's account).

I'm attaching a patch fixing this.

(and, btw, I've not been successful in using my BNC with smuxi, since it doesn't handle channels/nicknames such as Freenode~meebey or #OFTC~#debian-mono r0)


(wanting a trac login now, since I'm filing lots of things ;))

r0 the "delimiter" can also be ', and I can't imagine what else.

smuxi-incorrect_PASS_handling.patch - Patch fixing the bug (2 KB) Redmine Admin, 12/29/2008 07:27 PM


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Good catch, the frontend passes the connect string incorrectly. The code is hacky though and should be fixed by using a protocol neutral API, which the protocol managers already support! This needs to be fixed before relasing 0.6.3. Thanks!

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Fixed in SVN revision r478

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