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Ctrl+L keyboard shortcut should clear the screen

Added by Francesco Turco 3215 days ago. Updated 3214 days ago.

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In Hexchat I was used to the Ctrl+L keyboard shortcut for clearing the screen instead of manually typing the /clear command. Can this be added to Smuxi, too, even just as an option? In general, is it possible in Smuxi to show available recognized keyboard shortcuts and edit them?


Updated by Mirco Bauer 3214 days ago

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This is possible to add but ctrl+l is already used for the join bar to connect to servers and/or join a channel (it is the same shortcut as browser use for their location/link bar. In the long run the keyboard bindings should be configurable, no doubt, but I think only 2 people ever asked for that yet so IMHO other features are more important to add first.

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