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How do I have to setup filters (and ignore joins and quits or ignore someone)?

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Filters currently have 5 fields to choose what you would like to filter out:

Protocol: You can choose whether to filter out messages in IRC or in Twitter
Chat Type: Group/Public would be the #channel or Home Timeline, Person/Private would be a query or direct message, Protocol/Server means for example all message on irc.oftc.net
Name: here you can specify nicks/channels etc. which are fitting to the prior options
Type: An event would be things like join/part/name changes and so on, while a message means actual messages written by a user or a bot
Pattern: The pattern field describes which kind of words/events you would like to filter out.

It is possible to leave out e.g. pattern field so all events could be filtered at once. If you would like to see name changes but no join/quit/left messages you could use regex to setup a filter for more than one word.

For example enter

to filter out the scenario described above
or use
/^<nick> |^*  nick /
to ignore all messages from one specific user (nick must be replaced by the nick you want to ignore)

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